We will create
 a sales website

We will create
a sales website

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We will create
 a sales website

Why invest in the Web?
People will find you everywhere, even on their mobile phones.

Where else to better present your service / product if not on the largest information network in the world. The big advantage of your own company website is easy and cheap maintenance. A properly designed website is available on mobile phones and leads the customer to make a purchase. The pages you create are critical to the percentage of conversions and the number of customers.

Frequently asked questions about Web development

If you are considering a new website yourself, you will probably need to update the website on several levels in terms of design, technology and content. In that case, we recommend a completely new website in 95% of cases. It's faster, less expensive and you will have a website following latest trends.

It depends on the agreement. We are able to deliver a complete turnkey website, including texts. All we need from you are photos, your competitive advantages and something about the history of your company or the quality of the products.

YES! We build our websites on the most widespread system in the world, WordPress, which will reduce your costs by allowing you to make most of the adjustments yourself in the clear administration of the e-shop.

The creation of the website will take place on a hidden link and at the moment when you are completely satisfied with the web, we will exchange it for the existing one. So your customers will see the new version of the website right away.


Price for Web development

We believe that the best website is a selling website. The price for a website should always reflect the value you get. Get a website from the marketers who are selling.

Basic Web

25 ths. CZK

Suitable for small businesses
- Basic 7 pages
- Design using beautiful templates
- We will insert your texts
- Fast and responsive
- Forms and basic functions of the site


Complex Web

55 ths. CZK

Suitable for medium-sized companies

- From 7-30 pages
- Modified design using beautiful templates
- Texts will be prepared by our Copywriters
- Above-standard functions and forms
- More complex content structure
- Language mutations


Advanced pages

96 ths. CZK

Suitable for large projects

- Custom design
- 50+ pages
- Texts from our copywriters
- Advanced security and SEO
- Complex forms
- Non-standard scripts
- Language mutations


We use the best tools.

We use tools that are approved by millions of programmers around the world.
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