We will create effective PPC campaigns

We will create effective
PPC campaigns

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We will create effective PPC campaigns

Why use PPC?
Performance. Efficiency. Growth.

Customers search for your service / product every day on Google, Seznam and heureka.cz. Be seen today! PPC is one of the most effective and most measurable marketing channels.

Frequently asked questions about PPC

Direct translation is Pay-Per-Click. So it's a pay-per-click ad. This is one of the reasons why your ad is considered performance because you pay for accurately measurable performance.

The ad is displayed on Google and Seznam at the top of the search results. But also on heureka.cz and zbozi.cz. Another type of PPC, for example, is in the form of a classic or remarketing banner on various Internet sites.

The cost for PPC advertising consists of 2 components. Firstly, from the credits you pay, for example, Google, where each click can cost you from CZK 2-150, depending on the topic. Companies normally pay 10-300 thousand CZK / month The second component of the cost is for the services provided by the agency, which ranges between 10-25 thousand CZK / month.

Conversion is one of the most common goals of PPC campaigns. The goal of PPC campaigns is to bring in visitors who will convert, make a purchase, write to you, visit your store, call you. All this can be measured as a conversion.


PPC administration price

Did you know that every new client will receive a bonus of CZK 1,000 for free advertising from us? This discount applies to newly created Google Ads advertising accounts.

PPC Tariff A

12.5 ths. CZK

Suitable for small and medium businesses

- Search advertising
- Remarketing
- Conversion tracking settings


PPC Tarif B

18 ths. CZK

Suitable for e-shops

- Everything in tariff A
- Google shopping, Heureka.cz, Zbozi.cz
- Online reports


PPC Tariff C

25 ths. CZK

For budgets 150+ thousand

- Everything in tariff A and B
- Video advertising
- Multilingual ads


We are using the best tools.

We use tools that cost a lot of money. Companies themselves cannot afford them, but agencies like us will find their price justified.
Google DataStudio
Google Ads editor
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