Beat the competition
  in ranking and SEO

Beat the competition
in ranking and SEO

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Beat the competition
  in ranking and SEO

Why use SEO?
Stability. Volume of visits.

SEO or search engine traffic should, by default, be the first or second source of traffic for each site. It is also one of the most stable sources of visits. SEO can’t just be turned off, its impact will continue for months to years.

Frequently asked questions about PPC

Paradoxically, there is no point in focusing on the first position. Golden opportunity is behind the hidden potential of visits of less important words, of which there are more and can bring more visits in the total volume.

SEO is not about positions. The only main goal of SEO is to bring relevant traffic. That is, customers who will want to buy your product.

If your business is highly based on the location of your business, the site will be optimized with that in mind. There is no SEO like SEO. For example, have you heard of mobile SEO and youtube SEO? These are parts of SEO that we also understand.

As long as it takes to build a brand. SEO is a long-term activity and Google perceives it that way as well. Don't try to be in the first place in a few days, this way you can start the unfair practices that Google is suffering from.


SEO management price

The price for SEO includes countless tasks that we do within this service. From linkbuilding, web optimization to content and text editing.

SEO Tariff A

15 ths. CZK / month

Suitable for small and medium businesses

- Copywriting
- On-page optimization
- Linkbuilding


SEO Tariff B

25 ths. CZK / month

Suitable for e-shops

- All included in tariff A
- Web speed optimization
- Adding SEO images
- UX web improvements
- Mobile site optimization


We use the most modern tools.

We use tools that cost a lot of money. Companies themselves cannot afford them, but agencies like us will find their price justified.

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